3 Ways to Improve Your Law Enforcement Interview Recording

Interview evidence is a key component of most every case. In order to have court-admissible evidence, though, you need your process to be flawless and precise. Most agencies already understand the importance of having video watermarks for their redactions. But do you have the other features that every interview room needs?

Budgetary concerns aside, no modern interview room can pass up these three requirements. If nothing else, please be sure your video recording system has this list in check. Whether you’re looking to renovate your interview room, acquire a new space, or build your site from the ground up, your equipment needs to match your intentions. A space that’s designed properly won’t mean a thing without these three items. 

1. IP Cameras and HD

Examining your hardware is a great first step. If you don’t have a clear image for your video interviews, then the finer details will be lost in the courtroom. When shopping for cameras, you want to look at options with IP cameras that come with high resolution. The HD factor is key. This doesn’t mean you need your system to support 4K. There is a middle ground. Compared to IP cameras, 4K setups are incredibly expensive. They also have huge files, which makes it difficult to share your recordings. That’s why opting for IP cameras with high definition resolution is best.

Of course, your camera placement is just as important as the type of hardware you’re using. Positioning your equipment to cover both the subject and the interview expert from different angles is a crucial part of having court-admissible evidence. Make sure your alignment is correct before you give your interview room the green light.

2. Remote Start/Stop

The next thing to look for with interview recording equipment is a simple start-stop function. Users need to be able to take control of their recording process without any complicated training. A quick touch of a button from remote authorized computers or tablets will let your team conduct interviews whenever they’re ready.

To take your system to the next level, you can also consider giving your users a reliable, discrete way of initiating a recording right inside the room. After talking with many agencies over the years, we’ve determined that an intuitive process is best. That’s why we implement a light switch design into iRecord Universe, our onsite recording solution. This allows the interviewer to enter the room, flip a switch, and begin the conversation right away. 

3. Interdepartmental Security

For your third must-have feature, find a system that incorporates interdepartmental security measures for all of your interview evidence. Agencies can’t risk having these files getting into the wrong hands. Being able to securely store and share your full and redacted interviews with approved parties is of the utmost importance. Not every interview recording setup will have these protocols in place, so take time to research the right solution for your agency.

If your interview room is ready for an upgrade, let us show you how iRecord solutions can improve your team’s process. Our careful software development and installation process make it easy to adopt iRecord on your site. We always aim to serve and protect those who work tirelessly to defend justice. To discuss your options, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

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