What Agencies Get with an iRecord Anywhere Portable Recording System

Because your interview evidence isn’t always recorded at your agency’s site, it’s important for law enforcement teams to have the flexibility to work in the field, at any time—and any place. With the iRecord Anywhere System, we help detectives get the tools they need to act fast and move the case along by collecting reliable […]

Agency Options for the Interview Room Design-Build Process

There are many design and construction options for new interview room projects, but not every option will be appropriate for every type of facility. Whether an agency wants to build from the ground up or simply remodel their existing site, it’s important to follow a process that makes sense for their team and the unique […]

3 Essential Recording Features for Your Interview Evidence

Agencies know that their team’s interview evidence process can make or break a case. That’s why they have to think carefully about their new recording equipment investment. Deciding to upgrade your system can have a tremendous impact on your entire community’s mission to uphold public safety. What’s Required for Interview Recording Systems? Paying attention to […]

7 Concerns of Law Enforcement Agency Space Needs for Interview Rooms

Law Enforcement Agencies that are ready to utilize a modern interview room setup are faced with many decisions. Taking a closer look at your space needs analysis can help ensure that your agency is moving forward in the right direction for your team—and the communities you serve. 7 Questions for Interview Room Space Needs Analysis […]

What’s the Real Difference with Mobile Law Enforcement Interview Recordings?

Agencies typically record interview evidence on-site, in their private interview rooms. But what about when you need to document evidence for criminal cases on-the-go? A reliable mobile interview recording solution will help ensure your team is never at a disadvantage. For sensitive cases, a mobile system can be a great way to quickly secure the […]

How iRecord Works: Protect, Serve, and Solve

Upgrading to a modern interview room with the correct recording equipment is a serious investment for any agency. That’s why our philosophy at iRecord is to work with clients in the most efficient way possible. We know you can’t afford to have anything but the best for recording and securing your interview information. At the […]

The Best Interview Recording Solutions for On-Site and mobile agencies.

Experience matters for any profession, but you also need to have the proper tools to be successful. For law enforcement, advocacy groups, and SANE professionals, a modern and efficient solution for interview recording helps ensure that justice prevails. It’s not just about asking the right questions—you also need a good system to document your evidence. […]

3 Ways Child Advocacy Centers Prioritize Comfort and Safety

One of the challenges with trauma is that it doesn’t “end” after the event itself. Trauma has a way of repeating itself, and that’s only exacerbated when victims are asked to retell their story over and over. The work that Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) do to record interview evidence is so important because it helps […]

Benefits of Mobile Interview Recording—and What Your System Needs

When your team is out in the field, they need to have the option to secure their interview evidence anytime and anywhere. It’s not always possible to wait to make a recording. Fortunately, you don’t need a formal interview room to record your evidence. Benefits of Using Tablets in the Field As you consider the […]

Does Your Agency Have the Best Possible Interview Recording Equipment?

When agencies need to record an interview for court-admissible evidence, they know that their setup has to be perfect. You only get one chance to record these videos. If the recording equipment isn’t right, then you might be missing crucial evidence for their case. Law enforcement agencies, child advocacy groups, SANE facilities, and other professionals […]