Grant Resources for Child Advocacy Centers and Law Enforcement Agencies

Securing the funds you need to upgrade your interview room can be a challenge for police departments and child advocacy groups. The competition is often stiff for these types of applications, and the grant opportunities aren’t always available when you need them. Being aware of different for grant search engines and resources can help you to navigate the process.

Grant Opportunities for CACs

Child advocacy centers serve the most vulnerable people in our communities. Ensuring that these agencies have the everything they need to protect our children is of the utmost importance. Often, finding grant opportunities through the following websites can be a tremendous help.

National Children’s Alliance

With a mission to empower local communities to better serve child victims of abuse, the National Children’s Alliance is a trusted resource among CACs. They are dedicated to providing organizations around the US with the financial support teams needs to serve families in their area. The NCA website lets agencies review new CAC funding opportunities, and they also have a page devoted to grants for the award year 2019.


For a multipurpose search tool, agencies can also reference GrantWatch. By listing both USA and Canada federal grants, as well as state and local opportunities, they are a fantastic resource for CACs looking to expand their reach. Visit their page for children grants to learn more about current grant reviews and applications for your specific needs.

Law Enforcement Funding

Police departments that can work with new technology can often improve their efficiency, yet agencies don’t always have the right equipment and tools to streamline their workflow—especially with their interview recording equipment. New audio video capture systems make collecting your evidence faster, easier, and more secure.

Office for Victims of Crime

Certain sectors of the Office of Justice Programs are designed to provide agencies with valuable education and support. As one of the six divisions of the OJP, the Office for Victims of Crime usually has helpful information for PDs that are looking to obtain funding for new interview room recording equipment. Their webpage for grants and funding is designed to educate agencies on the latest grant opportunities and funding details.

Community Oriented Policing Services

A component of the US Department of Justice can also be beneficial to PDs looking for funding opportunities. The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services works to advance the community focus of state and local agencies with grant resources and ongoing information. Their page for current grant programs can provide you with additional details.

Connecting with iRecord

You know that submitting clear, accurate interview evidence helps our justice system succeed, so the desire to update your recording equipment is admirable. If you need help identifying the grant opportunities that are best for your organization, please know that iRecord is here to help. We have been honored to work with different agencies in the past for their grant applications. Often, being able to provide details about the equipment you’re looking to fund can help make your application stronger.

For more information on iRecord’s solutions for your agency, send us a message. We would be happy to discuss your options and give you some insight on how to obtain the appropriate funding for your new systems. We’ve been able to assist other PDs and CACs, and we would welcome the opportunity to serve you, too!

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