iRecord Systems Now Partner with Lutech

We’re proponents of easy-to-use technology here at iRecord. This motivates us during our system developments, and it’s why we choose to partner with certain other technology equipment providers. When looking for a colposcopy option for clients, we knew we couldn’t go wrong with Lutech.

Lutech for Sensitive Documentation

Colposcopy allows healthcare practitioners to examine the cervix and capture sensitive images or video for further review. For healthcare screenings, these records are used to determine whether a woman is at risk for cervical cancer. In other circumstances, this data might also be collected and shared as court-admissible evidence for serious crimes with a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART).

Making the colposcopy procedure as quick and comfortable as possible is a top priority with any application. The Lutech LT-300 SD and LT-300 HD Digital Colposcope Systems were designed with precisely these functions in mind. In addition to a progressive green filter to help document clear, detailed images and its SONY digital camera, the systems also come with the following features:

* Auto and Manual Focus

* Mini LCD Viewing Screen

* Handheld Remote

* Adjustable LED Lights

* Foot Pedal Available

To better serve our clients, iRecord is proud to partner with Lutech as our preferred colposcope system vendor for SART clients and Forensic Nurse Examiners. By combining the practicality of Lutech with the convenience of an iRecord system, we’re making it easier than ever to collect all of your sensitive evidence and healthcare information for patients.

iRecord Solutions and Lutech

There are a few different types of iRecord systems that can benefit from Lutech’s unique systems. Our clients in healthcare might utilize Lutech colposcopes for teaching opportunities and documentation at women’s health centers or gynecological clinics. These solutions can also benefit telemedicine practices.

Other iRecord clients might choose Lutech for their forensic labs or health centers with forensic nurse examiners. When sensitive images and video need to be recorded for a case, the Lutech colposcope can be a valuable tool. Its ergonomic design and compatibility with iRecord’s secure storage solutions help create a seamless process for delivering court-admissible evidence to all of the necessary parties working on a case.

If your facility wants an easier way to manage your colposcope images, consider pairing your Lutech device with an iRecord system. We’re proud to partner with Lutech as a complete recording solution. To learn more about this streamlined setup, please send us a message.

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