3 Ways Child Advocacy Centers Prioritize Comfort and Safety

One of the challenges with trauma is that it doesn’t “end” after the event itself. Trauma has a way of repeating itself, and that’s only exacerbated when victims are asked to retell their story over and over. The work that Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) do to record interview evidence is so important because it helps protect the innocence of children. Creating a safe and calm environment makes all the difference for collecting testimonies.

3 Reasons to Record Child Testimonies

Although we all wish we didn’t need the expertise that Child Advocacy Centers provide, they are a crucial part of our communities. Their team members’ dedication and training help give law enforcement agencies the audio video evidence they need to ensure justice is upheld. There are three main reasons why CACs work to document important interview evidence:

No need to repeat the story

When we can record a child’s testimony in a secure location, we might be able to save them the trauma of having to show up in a high-stress courtroom. In turn, this can also protect them from needing to confront their alleged abuser. Child Advocacy Centers help document the details that matter most to a case, so the child can tell the whole story once—and be done.

More comfortable talking one-on-one

Child Advocacy Centers do a wonderful job of designing kid-friendly, professional spaces. The interview rooms at these sites often stand in stark contrast to the interview recording rooms at a police station. This is intentional. Children need to feel at ease as they talk with the CAC professional. That one-on-one interaction is so important for documenting how a child discloses information. It’s easier to feel relaxed when you only have to speak with one person to share your testimony, rather than an entire courtroom.

Video recordings can be discrete

The process for recording interview evidence has changed over the years. We don’t need to rely on bulky camera setups anymore, which is great for our Child Advocacy Centers. The proper camera placement and a simple start/stop recording option helps make it easier for the interviewers—and the children—to focus on their conversation without any extra distractions.

It’s so much easier to begin your conversation when you don’t have a complicated process to initiate the video recording. With our onsite interview recording solution, iRecord Universe, all you have to do is flip a light switch to start recording. This quick motion is so commonplace, the child probably won’t even notice. This type of user-friendly design feature is at the core of what we do at iRecord. We’re here to serve those who serve and protect the most vulnerable people in our lives. Your work matters, and we’re honored to support your mission.

If you need help with high-quality recordings for your CAC, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at iRecord. We’re always happy to show you how our solutions can simplify your process, and we regularly coordinate with agencies to find the right grant opportunities to fund their equipment investments. To learn more, give us a call at 1-(800)-806-5339.

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