How iRecord Works: Protect, Serve, and Solve

Upgrading to a modern interview room with the correct recording equipment is a serious investment for any agency. That’s why our philosophy at iRecord is to work with clients in the most efficient way possible. We know you can’t afford to have anything but the best for recording and securing your interview information. At the same time, we also understand that you need a solution that is both reliable and economical.

Our motto has always been to “Serve and Protect Those Who Serve and Protect.” By constantly reviewing our hardware options, software systems, and recording process from start to finish, we can proudly say that our interview recording solutions deliver precisely what police departments, child advocacy groups, and other organizations need for streamlined experience.

Protecting Justice and the Innocent

We believe that audio-video recordings for interview evidence should be utilized whenever possible. They often prove to be an invaluable part of a case, and we know that—when managed correctly—they can help bring the truth to light.

Of course, honoring our justice system isn’t just about defending the innocent in a trial. We also have to ensure that our law enforcement professionals are given their own sense of security as they go about their work. When agencies pledge to record their interview evidence, they not only give the court useful information on the suspect—they also help protect their team from unreasonable accusations or questions of coercion.

Serving Our Clients with Ease-of-Use

The public service and safety professionals in our communities have some of the most challenging and crucial work. They truly make a difference in all of our lives every day, but it often goes unnoticed. It’s one thing to see a police officer helping someone on the side of the road during an emergency. But there are so many other instances that happen “behind the scenes.” We hope that’s where we can help.

Another one of our focus points at iRecord is to create solutions that are user-friendly. A big part of that is being able to listen for what would help our clients best. We specifically designed our recording system to start and stop with a simple light switch on the wall for a reason. We knew our clients would appreciate a low-tech feature within our larger high-tech recording solution. Everything related to saving those interview files, working through redactions, and sharing the proper evidence with the appropriate parties was designed with our end-user in mind. Serving you is always at our core.

Solving the Needs of Law Enforcement

Through all of our many years in this industry, we have developed a deep appreciation for what our clients do to make our world a better, safer place. We feel proud to know that our tools are helping to make their jobs easier all over North America.

If you want to talk about your options with new interview recording equipment, we would be more than happy to answer your questions. Some of the top concerns for our clients are securing tamper-resistant content, maintaining cross-platform compatibility, and having a seamless way to present their evidence to court. Let us show you how iRecord is different.

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