The Best Interview Recording Solutions for On-Site and mobile agencies.

Experience matters for any profession, but you also need to have the proper tools to be successful. For law enforcement, advocacy groups, and SANE professionals, a modern and efficient solution for interview recording helps ensure that justice prevails. It’s not just about asking the right questions—you also need a good system to document your evidence.

The Best Onsite Recording Equipment

There are many factors to consider when organizing your facility’s interview room. The size of the room, the furniture, and even its position in your building can impact its effectiveness for audio video recording. That’s why, to start, it can help to narrow your focus to the onsite recording equipment itself. Working with IP cameras should always be a top concern. You need to have HD quality in order to capture the facial expressions of those being interviewed.

After that, you need to consider omnidirectional microphones and echo elimination for precise voice recording. More robust interview equipment systems can include a remote start/stop function and interdepartmental security. With so much at stake, your site will probably want to go with the most secure system.

Of course, your video evidence may not always be in an interview format. Some sensitive cases require additional documentation and specific recording equipment. SART facilities often need to record digital video for court-admissible evidence, and their audio video equipment needs to be appropriate for healthcare settings. Using an auto-focus colposcope can help make this process simple and less-invasive. Being able to work with Lutech is a great option because it can record clear video and images faster than other colposcope models.

These devices also work with manual focus and a handheld remote for precise imaging. When you need to document this type of evidence quickly, comfortably, and accurately, the Lutech colposcopes are always right for the job.

Mobile Interview Recording Solutions

When teams want to conduct their interviews on-location, they need streamlined equipment. For that, we don’t think you can do any better than a tablet. These devices are perfect for mobile interview recording because they don’t require any time to get set up. Plus, because we see handheld tech all the time in our day-to-day lives, using a tablet for your interview evidence won’t interfere with the rapport you’ve already established.

That being said, a good interview recording system isn’t just about the hardware. You also need a user-friendly interface to manage your redactions, share your evidence, and keep all of your case details safely stored. All of that relates to your system’s software. Fortunately, with iRecord, you get each of those features and more.

Let’s Find Your New Audio Video System

The best recording equipment works in tandem with outstanding software and an attentive support team. At iRecord, we’re proud to educate our clients on their options and train their teams for ongoing success. Our industry expertise can help you with all of your interview recording needs. Whether you need to build your interview room from the ground up or get a mobile system ready for your team, we’re here to help.

Let’s start the conversation and find the right system for your team’s important work. Our mission is to support those who serve and protect. Please contact us to see how we can partner with your agency.

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