Benefits of Mobile Interview Recording—and What Your System Needs

When your team is out in the field, they need to have the option to secure their interview evidence anytime and anywhere. It’s not always possible to wait to make a recording. Fortunately, you don’t need a formal interview room to record your evidence.

Benefits of Using Tablets in the Field

As you consider the different mobile recording systems available, it’s important to keep in mind that you really need a solution that creates high definition digital video. In order to get those results, the core component of your mobile solution will probably be a tablet. There are a handful of benefits for going this route. For starters, these devices are discrete. We see tablets all the time, so it usually doesn’t catch a witness off guard while they recount their narrative.

Compared to a tablet, setting up a camera can be awkward, not to mention intimidating. It’s natural for people to feel self-conscious when it’s obvious that they’re being recorded. With a tablet, though, you can help lower the pressure. They’re easy to position. Plus, they’re much more portable than a heavy bag of camera equipment.

Key Features for Managing Your Evidence

If your team is already on-board with a tablet solution, then it’s time to compare the other features. Not every interview recording system is going to deliver what you need. There are a handful of other items to review before you decide to invest in new recording equipment. This is just a short list of what really matters:

Intuitive Tablet for Easy Adoption
Video Grab Frame Technology
Searchable Notes
High Resolution to Support 1080p
Video Date/Time Overlay Watermarking

It’s not enough to just point a camera and start recording. Your interview evidence depends on high resolution video and tamper-resistant recordings. Watermarks are an absolute must. It also helps to have searchable notes and video grab frame technology for making your redactions. A clunky interview recording system will only frustrate your team and make their work harder. We need streamlined solutions to uphold justice.

Need Your Recording System to Go Anywhere?

With mobile digital recording, your team can document incidents more efficiently—wherever they happen to be. These systems also help the people you’re working to serve and protect. Mobile interview recording often minimizes the trauma of testifying. Rather than arranging for a witness, or even a child, to tell their story in court, securing your video evidence on-site can keep the process simple for everyone. Agencies get the evidence they need right away, and the individuals being interviewed only have to testify once.

Whether you’re meeting a child in their home, or you need to interview someone in a parking lot after an accident, you want to have nimble recording equipment. That’s why we’re so proud of our solution. iRecord Anywhere gives your team all of the tools they need to record their evidence on-the-go. Developing a mobile interview recording system that’s both user-friendly and technologically advanced helps us give agencies a better way to get to the truth.

If you’re ready to start the conversation about adopting iRecord Anywhere in your agency, please send us a message. We’d be happy to tell you more about our mobile recording solution to see if it’s right for you.

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