7 Concerns of Law Enforcement Agency Space Needs for Interview Rooms

Law Enforcement Agencies that are ready to utilize a modern interview room setup are faced with many decisions. Taking a closer look at your space needs analysis can help ensure that your agency is moving forward in the right direction for your team—and the communities you serve.

7 Questions for Interview Room Space Needs Analysis

The space needs analysis works to strategically evaluate your site and identify the priorities for your interview room upgrade. When handled correctly, this process allows agencies to make the best use of their existing space and building structure.

1. Have you reviewed the latest space needs standards?

Often, your first step will be to consider how much square footage your interview room actually needs. If the area you allocate is too small, your site may have compliance issues with the latest interview room mandates. Too large, and you may end up wasting valuable space. It’s always important to check the requirements and the numbers.

2. What are the challenges with your current building code/structure?

Whether you’re considering a building expansion or simply a remodel of one of your current rooms, you will likely run into a few challenges with your building systems. For example, will you be able to cost-effectively heat and cool the space? Do your fire protection systems cover that area? A good space needs analysis will look at the big picture.

3. Will the agency be able to sustain future growth and changes?

Additionally, you will want to spend some time thinking about the population trend predictions for your region. Will one new interview room be enough for your facility? Or should you plan ahead and figure out a layout that will accommodate multiple cases simultaneously?

4. Where should your interview room be located?

Typically, interview rooms should be in a completely separate area from holding cells or booking areas. Once you know the correct square footage and have analyzed the building systems related to your interview room, you will want to double-check that your new floorplan is reasonable.

5. How are you handling the interview room layout and furniture?

We regularly recommend that agencies furnish their interview rooms with simple tables and chairs without arms. Decorating the walls with one or two pictures, like those you might find in a waiting room, can also help the space feel neutral and professional.

6. Are you considering the technology equipment with your design?

As you continue to review these room details, it will be crucial to compare your technological needs against the room layout. Your room should be designed with the appropriate audio video recording equipment in mind. Additionally, having the proper camera and microphone placement will help your agency deliver the most accurate evidence.

7. Do you have user-friendly interview recording solutions?

Of course, finding the best recording solution for your agency isn’t just about the hardware. You also need a system that is user-friendly for creating redactions, as well as saving and sharing your audio video evidence. Your team has enough to manage already, and spending extensive amounts of time and other resources learning a new system should be avoided whenever possible. That’s why we have carefully designed all of our iRecord systems with you in mind.


For example, with the iRecord Universe system, you can start and stop your interview recordings with just a flip of a switch on the wall. We keep our process easy, so you can focus on the task at hand. To learn more about your options with iRecord, or how we can assist with your space needs analysis and interview room design, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We would be happy to talk.

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