Mobile Recording: Evidence of Every Interview

Mobile Recording: Evidence of Every Interview Interview rooms are routinely equipped with cameras, but there are unique interview situations that provide specific challenges. For example, interviewing a child is not like interviewing an adult. A child interview room is often provided with toys, art supplies, and multiple seating venues, which can present a real challenge […]

Top Advantages of Using a Tablet in the Workplace

Digital literacy is a hot topic in 2015 in higher education, HR, health care, and in many other professional fields.  Just over a decade ago, managing content across different platforms was the job of highly specialized professionals. Today, entrepreneurs in almost any line of work can experience the advantages of increased digital literacy. One of […]

Is Your Business Touch-Literate?

A few years ago Time published a predictive piece on tablets, highlighting how quickly tablets were not only catching on in the US but globally. In the article, the author contrasted the rapid growth rates of tablets (60%) compared to computers (12%) as an important indicator of where tablets were going globally. Today, businesses are […]

Road shows for iRecord Anywhere™

It’s been an exciting year for iRecord, one that we were able to start off in full swing as we toured the country with Microsoft, learning as we met with industry leaders about specific needs, capabilities and possibilities that technology can deliver in law enforcement and policing. Hot Topics Some of the most discussed topics […]

Making the Switch from iPad to Surface…and Loving it

When tablets first broke ground among business leaders, executives and laymen alike were quick to snap them up. At the time it was no surprise that many users were unsure how to leverage their tablets to build productivity or efficiency.  Today, however, the rapid evolution of tablet technology among other factors has made tablets a […]

Want to Know More about the Recent iRecord/Microsoft Partnership?

Last fall iRecord and Microsoft announced an exciting partnership: the first Surface tablet designed to create digital video recordings of interrogations. One of the most crucial jobs of law enforcement is the ability to gather information. And a critical aspect of that is video. Video provides a fuller, better and more accurate understanding of the […]

Talking about Community-Police Relations and Technology

Technology isn’t just changing how law enforcement do their job in the field, but it’s also changing where they go to do their job. In addition, it’s changing how those in the community can help police do their job. In fact, technology is changing the way communities and law enforcement relate, in a positive way. […]