Road shows for iRecord Anywhere™

It’s been an exciting year for iRecord, one that we were able to start off in full swing as we toured the country with Microsoft, learning as we met with industry leaders about specific needs, capabilities and possibilities that technology can deliver in law enforcement and policing.

Hot Topics

Some of the most discussed topics included:

  • Strengthening ties with your peers
  • Common challenges, best practices, and policy making using technology
  • Technology solutions that attend to law enforcement needs
  • Network with regional leadership
  • Cloud Computing
  • CJIS
  • Predictive Policing

We had the opportunity to be in Chicago, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Columbus, OH, and Tampa, and to be a part of meaningful conversations on how to effectively manage devices across organizations as well as how to lower data center costs.

Themes that are trending in 2015 and that continue to gain momentum in law enforcement and IT are varied, but they have one theme in common—organizations are looking for efficiency and reliability, which are both values that iRecord can offer in our own digital video and audio recording systems and devices.

What Does Your Agency Know about Technology Changes and IT Applications?

Today’s mantra is do more with less. Does your agency have the information it needs to be effective and efficient at harnessing technology? Here are just a handful of the topics in which we gained insight on our tour:

  1. Technology change and Federal policy realignment in justice and public safety—the Government Cloud
  2. How the move to cloud computing impacts justice and public safety agencies
  3. How video for law enforcement impacts policy changes
  4. Best practices for harnessing and management video for law enforcement and criminal investigations
  5. Law enforcement analytics and implications for intelligence-led and predictive policing
  6. Enterprise mobility suite solutions that are cost effective and provide answers for managing devices, software as a service and consumerization of IT
  7. Hybrid cloud and how to lower IT data center costs while maintaining on-premises workloads

iRecord equips law enforcement agencies with digital audio and video recording systems across the country. Our systems capture critical video and audio that is then used to close cases more quickly and contribute to safer communities overall.

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