Talking about Community-Police Relations and Technology

Technology isn’t just changing how law enforcement do their job in the field, but it’s also changing where they go to do their job. In addition, it’s changing how those in the community can help police do their job. In fact, technology is changing the way communities and law enforcement relate, in a positive way.

A recent article hit this point home. We all know of recent tension between some communities and their police forces, specifically in Missouri, New York and Ohio. One of the driving factors in the tension is a perceived bias within the department. But technology is working to change all that.

Police are using technologically driven data to build trust with the communities they serve in ways that even a few years ago would have been impossible. According to the article, law enforcement are working to:

“explore the use of new and emerging data sources and analytic modules that can contribute to the development of a robust series of national indicators of crime, criminality, victimization, and law enforcement performance. While this is one of several national initiatives, local agencies can start to use analytics tools now and work to eliminate perceived bias through data-driven policing.”

Technology is changing all aspects of law enforcement, including building more positive relationships with our communities.

One of the developments that many are excited about is the development of the tablet which police officers can use in the field. These tablets can be used to run predictive analyses that show the likelihood of crimes in specific areas or at specific events. What’s more, these same tools can be used by officers to actually take audio and video recorded evidence from witnesses and suspects in the field.

iRecord’s recent partnership with Microsoft in the Anywhere Tablet is just one example of technology taking off across the board.

iRecord understands that value and works towards giving your officers the best possible environment in which to do their jobs. Contact us today to see how our technology solutions can not only the work you do as a law enforcement officer but also where you can do that work from.

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