Making the Switch from iPad to Surface…and Loving it

When tablets first broke ground among business leaders, executives and laymen alike were quick to snap them up. At the time it was no surprise that many users were unsure how to leverage their tablets to build productivity or efficiency.  Today, however, the rapid evolution of tablet technology among other factors has made tablets a go-to choice for many, especially in law enforcement.

So why is it that business leaders are using devices like Microsoft Surface and what it is that law enforcement officials so love about the recent Anywhere Tablet from iRecord, also a Microsoft device?

Business leaders have found that (Microsoft’s specifically) ready devices work great for professionals who are often out of the office or on the field the majority or a large part of their work day because they “bring together the best of tablet and laptop devices.”

It’s not just for the men and women on the ground, C-level executives are also trying them out and loving them, according to this Microsoft Enterprise Insights article.  

Taking the cue from the business sector, law enforcement experts have begun tapping into the benefits of technology on the go as well, and the recent partnership between Microsoft and iRecord is just one example of a tool that has been developed specifically to boost productivity and efficiency for policing officers who have highly mobile jobs.

The iRecord device branded as the Anywhere Tablet allows police and detectives to conduct professional interviews anywhere and anytime. What’s more, other key features the tablet boats include: vital video/audio capture of content for professional analysis and easy integration with iRecord Evidence Vault to securely store and manage all files.

What other features does the tablet come with?


Leverage Technology the Right Way with iRecord

For law enforcement officials, technology that’s been working for business professionals is likewise working for them. Get a demonstration of the device or other technologies iRecord has by connecting with us today. Click here to learn more.

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