Is Your Business Touch-Literate?

A few years ago Time published a predictive piece on tablets, highlighting how quickly tablets were not only catching on in the US but globally. In the article, the author contrasted the rapid growth rates of tablets (60%) compared to computers (12%) as an important indicator of where tablets were going globally.

Today, businesses are turning to tablets right and left for productivity and communication solutions, but they are not only turning to these to improve their bottom line, but now they are doing so to become more attractive to the incoming workforce.

In fact, recruiters and HR professionals have noted the importance of tech-savvy knowledge, including tablet technology and device use, as one of the most important elements businesses can use to draw top talent. With talent across industries gaining more “power” when it comes to where they work, businesses that are in route to tablet technology are coming out ahead.

In the law enforcement industry, the leap to technology-based solutions has made a significant impact on not only the role of police, but also on how law enforcement professionals do their work. With tools such as the iRecord Anywhere ™ Tablet, which lets officers take digital audio and video recordings from wherever they are working, productivity is higher and communication is quicker. What’s more, critical information can be stored, shared and retrieved with ease.

iRecord Anywhere™ creates high definition, on-demand digital video recordings to securely document situations that could have ethical, financial or legal consequences. With simple touchscreen controls, users have the ability to add searchable notes, data AND easily save the recordings for playback on any PC. iRecord Anywhere™ is ideal for any company or organization for the purpose of enhancing productivity, increasing efficiency and effectiveness (while decreasing costs) and minimizing risk!

Touch-Literacy Vital in Talent-Centric Environments

Are you courting top talent? Is your organization touch-literate? Have you considered the advantages that utilizing tablet technology can deliver? If you answer yes to any of these, we’d love to talk with you to unpack the benefits. Click here to learn more or contact us to request a demo!

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