Want to Know More about the Recent iRecord/Microsoft Partnership?

Last fall iRecord and Microsoft announced an exciting partnership: the first Surface tablet designed to create digital video recordings of interrogations.

One of the most crucial jobs of law enforcement is the ability to gather information. And a critical aspect of that is video. Video provides a fuller, better and more accurate understanding of the crime scene, suspect, witness, event, etc. Video yields information that cannot be communicated with a transcript or statement, such as tone, expression, body language, demeanor, etc.

And now, thanks to Microsoft, iRecord has been able to develop a strong application that incorporates information into the Surface 3 platform, improving overall productivity, scalability, reliability…everything!

By pairing iRecord’s “Anywhere” software with Microsoft, customers all across the US now have a seamless solution. They can simply visit a Microsoft store, grab the bundle, and go about their jobs with an increased and enhanced workflow.

Why Choose Microsoft?

iRecord chose the best in breed, knowing the importance of complying with all federal and local mandates. And now, thanks to this partnership, you can choose the best in breed as well.

To learn more about this exciting partnership, watch the video of the launch, which was broadcast LIVE to thousands of law enforcement professionals around the world. Simply register here to see the video or, if you would you like to speak with iRecord about ways you can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your workflow, contact us today.

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