5 Guidelines to Secure Funds for Your Interview Room

In an ideal world, budget restraints would never affect agencies that are dedicated to protecting the innocent. Yet all too often, child advocacy centers and law enforcement professionals must make sacrifices or postpone upgrades to their sites because the finances aren’t where they need to be. Fortunately, there are plenty of grant funding opportunities to […]

Delivering iRecord Equipment to Florida’s Child Protection Team Program

One pillar of modern society is to protect the innocent in our nation. This means preventing child abuse, neglect and investigating all scenarios where a child might be in danger. Upholding these values requires diligence and a devoted team. By equipping our public safety professionals with the appropriate tools, we can develop a bright future […]

How Can We Improve the Juvenile Interrogation Process?

The general public tends to believe that a guilty plea is always a done-deal and that the individual undeniably committed the crime. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. When looking at all the facts, false confessions are far too common within our legal system. Worse, studies continue to prove that juveniles and teens are more […]

New Partnership Between iRecord LLC and John E. Reid and Associates

We are excited to announce a new partnership formed between iRecord LLC and John E. Reid and Associates. This agreement leverages the expertise of each company to bring advanced Interview Recording technology and professional training on proven interrogation techniques to Law Enforcement agencies across the entire US. John E. Reid and Associates began developing interview […]

iRecord in Action on The First 48

Maybe you’ve watched The First 48. It’s a long-running A&E crime documentary that focuses on the first 48 hours after a homicide. The highly-rated program aired an episode this season that demonstrated iRecord technology in action. (See the whole episode here: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3dp1s1) The episode, called “Blood On Bourbon”, focuses on a New Orleans mass shooting […]

Top iRecord Stories in 2015

We review 2015 by highlighting the most popular stories and articles we have shared with you! Rank the most popular blogs and summarize contests and winners for the year and how excited iRecord has been to be a part of its customer and the public’s lives by sharing this information and its services with PDs, […]

Don’t Forget to Nominate Your Favorite Officer!

Our nomination deadline is close! Honor those who protect us by nominating your favorite law enforcement officer. Our goal for our contest Honor Those Who Protect Us is to highlight what those who are currently serving as sworn law enforcement do across the nation and to give them a chance to win the tools and […]

Road shows for iRecord Anywhere™

It’s been an exciting year for iRecord, one that we were able to start off in full swing as we toured the country with Microsoft, learning as we met with industry leaders about specific needs, capabilities and possibilities that technology can deliver in law enforcement and policing. Hot Topics Some of the most discussed topics […]

Don’t Let This Happen to You! Use iRecord to Prevent Loss of Valuable Evidence

You carefully investigated a murder, recorded all of the relevant interviews, and sent the case to the prosecutor’s office. Now what? How about the loss of all recorded evidence? Not only can it happen, it actually may have happened to the Milwaukee Police Department. Fox News in Wisconsin reported that hundreds of Milwaukee criminal cases […]