Top iRecord Stories in 2015

We review 2015 by highlighting the most popular stories and articles we have shared with you! Rank the most popular blogs and summarize contests and winners for the year and how excited iRecord has been to be a part of its customer and the public’s lives by sharing this information and its services with PDs, the community and more.

This year has been chockful of news! Here are some of our best moments!!

The Big Switch to Surface Tablets: This year we noted the trend among professionals who were making the switch from iPads to Surface tablets. Over a year ago, we had taken our cue from the business sector and joined with Microsoft to create a solution for law enforcement that would enable us to provide a tool developed specifically to boost productivity and efficiency for policing officers with highly mobile jobs. It’s been awesome to watch the continued rise in interest in these mobile tools in 2015! Read more here: Making the Switch from iPad to Surface and Loving it.

iRecord on the Road: This year we had the chance to start off in full swing touring the country with Microsoft. We had the opportunity to meet with industry leaders and learn what specific needs, capabilities, and possibilities technology can deliver in law enforcement and policing. Check out this article to learn which hot topics we got to unpack and learn about and where our tour took us!

Kids Hub Expands Reach to 46,000 Kids with iRecord Equipment: In August, iRecord awarded Kids Hub a fully-equipped digital and video recording system as part of the Help End Child Abuse contest which took place Summer 2015. This equipment enabled the CAC to push up the timeline for opening their doors and to close the gap on servicing the families in their surrounding counties with forensic interviews. Read more by clicking here.

Tracking Trends in Policing: Another story we continued to watch through the year were the trends in policing. Check out 14 of these and see which ones are still in the news. 14 Trends of Interest in Policing

A State-by-State Chronology of Recording Laws: What are the laws around the country with regard to recording? We combed for updates and compiled a list for you here in September. Video Recording Equipment: A State-by-State Chronology.

Honoring Those Who Protect Us: iRecord announced Stephanie Tucker as the winner of our August-September Honor Those Who Protect Us Contest in October. We were motivated to set up the contest and reward one law enforcement professional with the tools and equipment to capture, share and utilize recording testimony. With her new Microsoft Surface Tablet, Tucker can do all of the following:

  1. Conduct high quality interviews on the go from anywhere.
  2. Interview a victim when and where the victim is.
  3. Capture vital audio/video content for professional analysis.

We have been blessed this year by all the love from you our clients and readers and look forward to another wonderful year ahead in 2016 and look forward to sharing how developing technology can continue to make a difference in our communities.

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