New Partnership Between iRecord LLC and John E. Reid and Associates

We are excited to announce a new partnership formed between iRecord LLC and John E. Reid and Associates. This agreement leverages the expertise of each company to bring advanced Interview Recording technology and professional training on proven interrogation techniques to Law Enforcement agencies across the entire US.

John E. Reid and Associates began developing interview and interrogation techniques in 1947. The Reid Technique of Interviewing® and Interrogation is now the most widely used approach to question subjects in the world. The content of our instructional material has continued to develop and change over the years. John E. Reid and Associates is the only organization that can teach the current version of our training program on The Reid Technique®.

As a part of any purchase of a new iRecord Interview Recording system anytime in 2017 the purchasing agency will receive (1) free seat in a 4-day class that includes the Advanced Interview and Interrogation program. This is the most complete program available regarding the Reid Technique. Some of the topics covered in this ($750.00 value) class are the following.

  • Evaluating Nonverbal Behavior · Addressing the Suspects Request to see evidence
  • Interview & Interrogation Preparation · Distinction Between an Interview & Interrogation
  • Reid Behavior Provoking Questions · Guard Against False Confessions

Please select a class on the site from this link, then contact your iRecord Sales Representative to get your FREE registration started. (Travel expenses are not included)


iRecord CustomersPlease ask your Sales Representative about the additional benefits you will receive if your agency is able to Release and Authorize video samples from your digital interview library that could be used by John E Reid trainers.

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