Delivering iRecord Equipment to Florida’s Child Protection Team Program

One pillar of modern society is to protect the innocent in our nation. This means preventing child abuse, neglect and investigating all scenarios where a child might be in danger. Upholding these values requires diligence and a devoted team. By equipping our public safety professionals with the appropriate tools, we can develop a bright future for everyone.

Specialized programs contracted with the Florida Department of Health (DOH) provide assessment services for children through education and preventative measures. In some cases, this requires a reliable forensic interview process. As states continue to utilize telehealth to improve the delivery of services, they can always rely on iRecord!

About the Florida DOH

Word Systems has been proud to partner with the DOH Division of Children’s Medical Services (CMS), as they follow through on their mission to ‘To protect, promote & improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county & community efforts’. Families and children throughout the state of Florida rely on services provided by CMS programs. These services provide education for expecting mothers, special programs for eligible children with special needs, and other support for infants and toddlers, all the way to young adults.

Another important feature of CMS is the Child Protection Team (CPT) Program. CPTs provide services for children (from birth to age 17) who have allegedly experienced abuse or neglect. Providing services in a safe, child friendly environment and accurately documenting interviews and services provided are essential components of the investigation process. In 2017, Chapter 2017-156, Laws of Florida, amended section 39.303(9), Florida Statutes (FS), required CMS to convene a task force to develop a standardized protocol for forensic interviewing of children suspected of having been abused. One task force recommendation suggested that video recording is essential during child forensic interviews to obtain information. 

Delivering iRecord Statewide

Establishing a standard forensic interview recording and management platform and simplifying the recording process was a priority for DOH. The iRecord platform was chosen to ensure a rapid implementation with minimal training to produce a consistent and streamlined process for recording and managing child forensic interview information. DOH decided to install iRecord Universe Capture systems (our audio video recording solutions) in various CPT offices throughout the state. This system elevates interview rooms with high definition (HD) cameras and simple one-touch recording. The systems also include useful notetaking tools within the recordings, to save and share redactions electronically—without complicated storage setups.

Word Systems also delivered iRecord Anywhere solutions (functioning with Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets). This ensures that teams can accurately record and save their invaluable interview details, even when working remotely.


Is Your Agency Ready for iRecord?

Our goal at Word Systems is to help those who serve and protect. By providing teams and agencies with the appropriate tools to simplify their interview recording needs, we hope to make these jobs a little easier—especially when so much is on the line.

If your agency is ready for a reliable approach to interview room recordings, cloud storage, and “anywhere” solutions, we can help. Contact Word Systems today to learn more about how our systems can streamline your interview process, both in the interview room and out in the field. You can always send us a message or call (800) 806-5339 to start the conversation. We’d be honored to hear from you!

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