Don’t Forget to Nominate Your Favorite Officer!

Our nomination deadline is close! Honor those who protect us by nominating your favorite law enforcement officer. Our goal for our contest Honor Those Who Protect Us is to highlight what those who are currently serving as sworn law enforcement do across the nation and to give them a chance to win the tools and equipment they need! Check it out.

iRecord, the leading manufacturer of digital video recording and evidence management solutions for law enforcement professionals, believes that for safer communities all of those involved in capturing, sharing and utilizing recorded testimony should be equipped with the right tools to do so efficiently, accurately and simply. This has motivated us to set the Honor Those Who Protect Us contest and to reward one law enforcement professional with the tools and equipment to do just that.

iRecord not only wants to recognize law enforcement professionals to show appreciation, but they also want to highlight what law enforcement agencies do to help local communities. Please take the time to nominate a currently serving sworn law enforcement officer who you would like to honor.

The Honor Those Who Protect Us giveaway contest officially kicked off August 3, 2015.


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