Why You Should Make the Move from Proprietary Software

Users who rely on specific software to do business can find themselves in a difficult situation when it comes to upgrading their equipment. Do they pay for new codes that may disappear in a year or two? Do they continue to use what they have and hope for continued compatibility? Or do they purchase another […]

iRecord’s Newest Product: Software for the Anywhere Tablet

Indianapolis, Indiana based company, iRecord, released software that runs on Microsoft’s Anywhere Surface Tablet just last month. Agencies and departments across the state are snapping up the opportunity to raise their efficiency levels whether in the office or on the go with the new platform. With the Anywhere Tablet, police officers are able to not […]

Easy-to-Use A to Z Software Solution to Manage Your Evidence

The iRecord Evidence Vault is one of the very first interview management tracking applications for police and law enforcement agencies. Our software is ideal for agencies that track interviews from the point of recording by detective until it is ordered to be destroyed. It is ideal for agencies that track interviews from the point of recording by […]

Types of Private Investigation Software

Private investigation is an industry that has been around for a long time. In fact, some people might even say that private investigation has been around longer than the actual police force. What has not been around as long as either, however, has been digital recording equipment designed by investigators for investigators. This is because […]