Why You Should Make the Move from Proprietary Software

Users who rely on specific software to do business can find themselves in a difficult situation when it comes to upgrading their equipment. Do they pay for new codes that may disappear in a year or two? Do they continue to use what they have and hope for continued compatibility? Or do they purchase another type of software which resolves the challenges they are facing that the current software does not, cannot or may not address along the timeline needed?

Currently, any organization that utilizes proprietary software or closed-source software are subject to restrictions when it comes to making changes to their code, and while this normally may not create any problems for the end user, the challenge for businesses today has been the rapid pace of change that technology itself has delivered, and the need for upgrades to come more quickly and for specific issues to be resolved concurrently rather than 6, 12 or even 24 months down the line.

In law enforcement, we have seen this bear out with digital recording software. Clients have shared nightmares of storage and retrieval issues due to compatibility issues. For example, one common problem that law enforcement professionals often face with proprietary software is the time-consuming nature of resaving files in compatible formats that recipients can accept, open and re-share.

For these and other reasons iRecord uses the latest OPEN digital media assets such as Windows Media (WMV) and MPEG technologies, so that users are ensured of a TOTALLY COMPATIBLE AND OPEN media future that does not include proprietary codes, which may completely disappear in a year or two.

Have you experienced difficulties dealing with proprietary software or closed-source codes? We’d love to show you the advantages of using open sourced software and the type of turnaround you can expect to see when it comes to seeing issues resolved, not to mention the increased productivity your organization can experience from utilizing software that is built by professionals in your own field.

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