iRecord’s Newest Product: Software for the Anywhere Tablet

Indianapolis, Indiana based company, iRecord, released software that runs on Microsoft’s Anywhere Surface Tablet just last month. Agencies and departments across the state are snapping up the opportunity to raise their efficiency levels whether in the office or on the go with the new platform.

With the Anywhere Tablet, police officers are able to not just keep notes and collaborate with the team back at their departments but they can also gain clear digital audio and video records in real time from anywhere.

The software can be downloaded onto your Anywhere Surface Tablet and interfaces with the Microsoft platform in a familiar format. Other features it boasts include easy download/ uploading whether you’re at home or in the office.

iRecord outfits police department interrogation rooms, academic institution research labs and has recently begun branching out into medical facilities with its state-of-the-art digital audio and video recording systems.

Most recently, the Christian Theological Seminary Counseling Center adopted the iRecord recording system for its facilities.

“We chose iRecord because it fits our counseling recording purposes perfectly,” said Patrick Farmer, Senior Systems Engineer for CTS.

iRecord hosted a launch party to release the software on Tuesday, September 23, at the Microsoft Store in Keystone Mall. To watch the launch, click here.

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