Tablets are the New Direction in the Digital Age for Law Enforcement

As industry after industry takes the digital dive, the demand for mobile tools that will improve productivity and efficiency grows. In law enforcement, a lightweight tablet in the hands of an officer means big gains. How so? You may be surprised.

A recent article from Microsoft demonstrated how police in several parts of the world are benefiting from the use of tablets. According to the article, the Hampshire Police Constabulary has been using the devices to record witness statements, rather than writing them by hand. And that alone has “saved the equivalent of 40 working days.”

But that’s not all.

In addition to the time-saving (and we might add, accuracy) benefits, the police in Hertfordshire use their tablets to record actual crimes in process, which helps not only provide a crime scene picture, but also to identify suspects.

Big data is a big driver behind the growth of tablet use in law enforcement. With data analytics enabling the development of predictive analytics (a strategy that helps enforcement officials at the top get the resources where they need them the most) and more. These technological advances enable seamless access to critical database information, including crime statistics, license plate scanners, and a host of other real time information.

No matter how different law enforcement may look in various parts of the country and world, one thing is constant: recording improves the officers’ abilities to do their jobs well.

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