We in Law Enforcement Need Best Practices for Cloud Implementation

Do you want to be part of a nationwide conversation among law enforcement officials about moving to the Cloud? iRecord is conducting “fireside chats” with key industry professionals and thought leaders on the topic of moving to cloud-based solutions (specifically the Microsoft Azure Government cloud).

The cloud platform is designed to meet US government demands, including the following:

  • Physically isolated data center and network
  • Data, applications, and hardware reside in the continental United States
  • Provides true geographic redundancy with datacenters located more than 500 miles apart
  • Operated by screened U.S. persons
  • Committed to meeting rigorous compliance requirements and government policies

What is Microsoft Azure Government Cloud?

According to this Microsoft whitepaper,

Azure Government is a government-community cloud (GCC) designed to support strategic government scenarios that require speed, scale, security, compliance and economics for U.S. government organizations.   It was developed based on Microsoft’s extensive experience delivering software, security, compliance, and controls in other Microsoft cloud offerings such as Azure public, Office 365, O365 GCC, Microsoft CRM Online etc.

What’s great about Azure Government is that it was actually created to help government organizations like the FBI move and embrace cloud services. The four guiding principles it was designed to fulfill include:

  1. Ease of Use – Make it easy for developers, system administrators, and architects to build, migrate, deploy, and manage applications, and lets you accelerate provisioning of resources to minutes instead of days or months.
  2. Open and Flexible – Empower developers to choose the framework, tools, operating system and architecture to best meet their needs to build cloud solutions including .NET, Java, PHP and Node.js.
  3. Secure and Compliant – Ensure Azure Government is using Microsoft Azure’s world class security, compliance, and controls and is leveraging datacenters in the Continental U.S. (CONUS), screened U.S. personnel and policies to meet the higher level demands of US public sector customers.
  4. Enterprise Ready– Provides enormous scalability, reliability, and use of common management and identity tools that enables hybrid cloud solutions to quickly build, migrate, deploy, and manage, reliable and scalable applications using existing IT environments.

iRecord can Help You Connect

As a preferred vendor with Microsoft, we travel around the country attending the Microsoft Road Tour events on Law Enforcement Technology and Policy Briefings. Transition to the cloud is the big talk on the table. We’d love to help you learn how to do it organization wide and continue with minimal disruption to workflows.

What’s more, the more real world insight I can get the better our own implementation of our systems will be as we help bridge this technology gap to the cloud.  If you’d like to learn more or talk about where your agency is in transitioning to the cloud or a hybrid cloud solution, contact us or comment here!

We are conducting fireside chats with organizations around the country to learn how the transition is going and would love your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to join the conversation.

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