Know What to Look for in the Best Investigative Detective Equipment

iRecord is the natural choice for interview rooms of all types that require a simple video and audio recording solution with very high quality and reliability. In addition to the one touch recording controls that are simple and user-friendly, iRecord is designed to operate without disrupting established operating procedures. Once recorded, the digital media is […]

Invaluable Value in iRecord’s Digital Recorders

Do you need to have a recording of your telephone conversations for legal, covert or even training purposes? There are many types of digital voice recorders available. There are a variety of recorders on the market, but one stands apart—iRecord’s digital voice recorder. Learn more about features of basic recorders and how iRecord’s device stands […]

Mobile Audio and Digital Recording Equipment All Law Enforcement Should Be Using

We all know that law enforcement officers are rarely biding their time in their county or state-issued vehicle without a mobile device of some kind close by. But last time they checked their devices, the chances that those portable units contained feature-rich, interview recording options is low. At least, the chances are low that their […]