Know What to Look for in the Best Investigative Detective Equipment


iRecord is the natural choice for interview rooms of all types that require a simple video and audio recording solution with very high quality and reliability. In addition to the one touch recording controls that are simple and user-friendly, iRecord is designed to operate without disrupting established operating procedures.

Once recorded, the digital media is stored on smaller, more reliable optical media rather than “bulky” audio or video tapes, ensuring a complete and accurate recording of excellent quality.

What other features should you be looking for when it comes to selecting the best equipment? We’ve outlined 14 different benefits you should carefully check for when it comes to making your investigative recording equipment.

Check which of the following your current equipment does.

  1. Achieve 100% compliance with new State and Federal mandates. To read some of the most recent, check out Electronic Recording of Custodial Interviews: Everybody Wins and A Review of the Law in Jurisdictions Requiring Electronic Recordings of Custodial Interrogations.
  2. Recording that is easier to operate than a standard VHS recorder (Complex operational concerns have too long been a barrier to efficiency)
  3. Produce superior quality digital video and audio recordings
  4. Enjoy the inherent time-saving features, unlike a Digital Video Recorder
  5. Easily duplicate selected portions of interviews to CD or DVD
  6. Eliminate the use of “bulky” Analog audio cassette and Video VHS tapes by transitioning digital recordings that utilize CD/DVD technology
  7. Search and retrieve all annotations and audio/video associated with a particular interview at the click of a mouse
  8. Gain immediate access to relevant interrogation recordings
  9. Make personal case-relevant notes about the case while reviewing audio/video
  10. Save valuable review time with superior quality recordings
  11. Save time while creating presentations for courtrooms
  12. Improve productivity without changing established operating procedures.
  13. Effortlessly share recordings via CD or DVD or your local area network
  14. Achieve quick return on investment (ROI)

iRecord’s system achieves ALL of these.

To learn more about our system and to start saving time and gaining the best from your equipment and your force, contact us today.

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