Mobile Audio and Digital Recording Equipment All Law Enforcement Should Be Using

We all know that law enforcement officers are rarely biding their time in their county or state-issued vehicle without a mobile device of some kind close by. But last time they checked their devices, the chances that those portable units contained feature-rich, interview recording options is low. At least, the chances are low that their devices could do all of the below:


    • Interview Recording
    • Off-Site Interviews
    • Drug Interdiction (In-Car-Interviews)
    • Crime Scene Investigation
    • Insurance Fraud Investigation
    • Accident Investigation
    • Depositions
    • Key Witness Interviews

iRecord makes digital audio and video recording not only simple but accessible and easy-to-manage. With systems installed in over 1,000 interview rooms across the country, iRecord continues to grow as a leading provider of digital audio and video recording equipment.

Customers will tell you iRecord has succeeded in a major way to bring the most simple to use, but powerful ERI system to market. Our system is based on industry standards such as MPEG and Windows Media technologies. All systems are based on the Microsoft Windows operating system to ensure full compatibility and expansion for many years to come.

All the power you need for ERI at the touch of a button.

To learn more about iRecord’s video interrogation systems or to request a product demo, contact us today!

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