Video Recording for Psychology Session Training and Education

Experience is one of the greatest teachers, and using video recording technology can make those lessons go even further. For psychologists, educators, and behavioral health professionals, using interview room recording equipment can help them refine and improve their techniques. But it’s time to think beyond the basic “camera on a tripod.” With the right solution […]

Forensic Interview Transcription and the Power of iRecord Cloud for Public Safety

When resources are scarce, public safety agencies need Digital Evidence Management Solutions (DEMS) that maximize their team’s potential. By leveraging new technology for audio and speech recognition, you can save countless hours of time and speed up the process of reviewing your audio video evidence from start to finish. Every piece of dialogue needs to […]

5 Modern Interview Room Policy Directives—Is Your Agency Compliant?

The entire public safety industry has specific policy and procedures in place to best ensure that our communities are protected. And for law enforcement, the policies surrounding interview room designs and interview evidence practices can be some of the most stringent. Whether the interview room is used for criminal suspects, juvenile offenders, or witnesses and […]

Interview Room Recording System: LE Solutions vs Child Advocacy

All across the country, our public safety professionals work hard for our communities. Both law enforcement agencies and child advocacy centers are here to protect our most vulnerable citizens. They also help deliver the most accurate evidence to the court. An interview room recording system is critical. After all, interview evidence can provide some of […]

Word Systems Enhances its iRecord Solution with NICE Investigate to Deliver Benefits of the Cloud to Law Enforcement and Child Advocacy Agencies

The iRecord solution powered by NICE Investigate enables agencies to securely store interview room recordings in the cloud, and share those recordings digitally to more quickly address public health concerns and accelerate investigations  Indianapolis, IN – DATE – The traditional way of sharing recorded interview evidence by police departments and other public safety professionals, such […]

Best Practices for Interview Evidence: What Detectives Need to Know

Continuing education is a necessary component of any profession. Even after years and years on the job, people can always benefit from learning a few new “tricks of the trade.” For public safety professionals and detectives, that often relates to advancing their interview and interrogation techniques.   Get Better Interview Evidence for Your Case The […]

Modern Colposcopes Improve the Forensic [Medical] Exam Process

The images recorded during physical forensic exams is a crucial part of any case. That’s why having modern, reliable medical equipment is so important. When patients have already been exposed to trauma, the best SART teams and SANE facilities want to do everything in their power to document sensitive evidence in an efficient way. The […]

What’s the Best Type of Witness for Court?

Presenting honest and accurate evidence is the backbone of our judicial system. No one deserves a wrongful conviction, and we don’t want to let criminal activity go unchecked either. For that, bringing witnesses to the courtroom helps ensure the whole story is told. Pairing the right witnesses’ testimonies with complete audio video evidence is often […]

Interrogation Room Design: Advice from the Experts

Any major construction project will have a lot of different moving parts. This is especially true for public safety departments. You want to make the right financial and strategic decisions for your community, and that requires a lot of planning. From organizing your budget to making plans with your design crew, there’s a lot of […]

Streamline Your Evidence Sharing with iRecord Cloud Solutions!

Your team’s interview evidence can be the deciding factor for any tough case put before the court. As such, keeping that information secure is of the utmost important. But agencies also need a modern and streamlined process for sharing that evidence with all parties. That’s where we can help. The old way of doing things […]