Interview Room Recording System: LE Solutions vs Child Advocacy

All across the country, our public safety professionals work hard for our communities. Both law enforcement agencies and child advocacy centers are here to protect our most vulnerable citizens. They also help deliver the most accurate evidence to the court.

An interview room recording system is critical. After all, interview evidence can provide some of the most important information to ensure that justice is upheld. But not all recording solutions will be the same.


How Are LE Interviews and Child Advocacy Groups Different?

The equipment hardware might be the same for these two types of agencies. But the total solution for an interview room recording system is actually rather nuanced. It boils down to the citizens or demographic they serve.

There’s a specific focus for child advocacy groups, and that means their actual interview space needs to be catered toward children. Law enforcement agencies, on the other hand, are able to take a slightly more direct approach with their room layouts and camera placement.

Each agency will often have the option to work with covert cameras. Yet there are other considerations too. A comprehensive solution will complement the entire room where you’re working, as well as the citizens served.


The Right Environment for Your Interview Room Recording System

Any good interview room recording system will obviously need to complement how those spaces are actually laid out. What’s more, the rooms are specifically organized to meet the needs of the interview subjects themselves.

For example, it’s best to have two fixed cameras in any onsite LE interview recording room. These can be installed at specific angles to record all of the interview subject’s body language while seated.

Children may not be as cooperative. They might move around as they talk and play, and so these facilities need their interview room recording system to be somewhat more “adaptable” to best ensure that nothing is missed and every word is as clear as possible.

We only have one opportunity to document this most valuable evidence. With the right recording equipment and digital evidence management system, we’ll all be in a better position to bring the truth to light.


Our Team Has Experience with Both Types of Solutions!

Whether you’re the executive of a child advocacy center or working in law enforcement, iRecord can help you design the right solution for your needs. It’s all about customizing the equipment installation. That’s how we excel.

Your interview room recording system is made of multiple parts. On the most basic level, you have the cameras and the microphones. Yet it’s not exactly that simple.

Remember: First and foremost, we need to analyze your room layout. Then we need to discuss how your team works. This helps us determine what type of covert discrete cameras you may need, as well as how to place the microphones. You can’t afford to have any of these details overlooked.

Every public safety agency is different, so customization is key. Let our experience help you get the best long-term solution for your site! Please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We’re always happy to schedule consultations, and we’re confident that we’ll have the answers to your questions.



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