Video Recording for Psychology Session Training and Education

Experience is one of the greatest teachers, and using video recording technology can make those lessons go even further. For psychologists, educators, and behavioral health professionals, using interview room recording equipment can help them refine and improve their techniques. But it’s time to think beyond the basic “camera on a tripod.” With the right solution and a discrete camera setup, you’ll have integrated software to help you securely manage your recordings, add annotations, save automatic transcriptions, share files remotely, cross-reference notes, and so much more!

Audio Video Recording and Live Instruction for Higher Education

Some organizations already have a dedicated space for their clinical skill labs and conducting interviews. Other times, a portable recording solution is preferred. There are recording solutions for all types of applications.

Today’s best recording technology delivers high-definition video and audio, so you can assess every moment of the session and feel confident that every word can be heard in the final recording. What’s more, some solutions allow users to provide instruction in real time via an earpiece and headset. This is especially helpful for behavioral health training, where discretion is key. You don’t want to interrupt the process, but you also don’t want to miss the chance to share some insights in the moment. Having a professional interview recording solution can give the edge you need to propel your training.

Instead of simply reviewing content after the fact, instructors can track the progress of the session in another room, following along with a live video feed and ready to share their insights or offer suggestions to the trainee at any time through their earpiece. It’s a great option for organizations looking to provide more personalized, hands-on instruction. But of course, video recording therapy sessions can be an invaluable tool for self-supervision too!

While we obviously have to make decisions minute by minute to keep the conversation flowing, you can continue to gain insights from each experience when you’ve captured a recording. That way, you’re truly able to make the most of every session. Giving yourself the chance to reflect on the session exactly as it happens can help any professional build on their skill sets.

Finding Your User-Friendly Recording Solution

At iRecord, we understand that adopting new technology can sometimes feel daunting. But since our company’s founding, we’ve made it a point to consult with users and design solutions that complement the way they work. We pioneered the use of a single one-touch start/stop recording function that lets interview professionals stay focused on the session—not the recording system itself.

With our onsite recording solutions, all it takes is a flip of a wall switch to start the recording process. It’s intuitive and discrete, allowing you to kick off the session naturally. Technology should enhance your process, not lead to distractions.

We’ve also developed user-friendly software that makes it easy to review your recorded sessions anytime, and anywhere. A searchable database that allows you to tag videos with metadata like names and subject matter, insert feedback, mark key moments with timestamps, and even create redactions for confidentiality.

Ready to Accelerate Your Training Process?

Learning is ongoing. Even seasoned professionals can benefit from session recording to track progress and become the best they can be. It also helps you equip new professionals with helpful real-world examples to review. Simply pull moments from past interviews, or start by reviewing sessions that have just been recorded. Either way, you’ll have a fantastic educational tool to help spur on new opportunities for growth.

iRecord is proud to partner with organizations throughout North America, serving their needs for all types of audio video recording solutions for various applications. Our long-time niche in the public safety market has allowed us to transfer the best-in-class discrete interview room camera setup and installation to professionals working in counseling, behavioral health treatment, suicide prevention, child advocacy, and beyond.

To learn more about our process for designing custom recording solutions, please contact our team to schedule a demo. Our user-friendly software and experience in creating integrated systems can help take your training process to a whole new level!

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