iRecord Systems Now Partner with Lutech

We’re proponents of easy-to-use technology here at iRecord. This motivates us during our system developments, and it’s why we choose to partner with certain other technology equipment providers. When looking for a colposcopy option for clients, we knew we couldn’t go wrong with Lutech. Lutech for Sensitive Documentation Colposcopy allows healthcare practitioners to examine the […]

Delivering iRecord Equipment to Florida’s Child Protection Team Program

One pillar of modern society is to protect the innocent in our nation. This means preventing child abuse, neglect and investigating all scenarios where a child might be in danger. Upholding these values requires diligence and a devoted team. By equipping our public safety professionals with the appropriate tools, we can develop a bright future […]

The Benefits of Videoing Clinical Care

Medical professionals are using video in an increasing array of ways. Did you know that clinical recording can actually improve patient outcomes? Let’s look at what’s possible. New Technology Video technology has leveled up, providing us with incredible detail, and therefore increased insights. Surgeons are using tools like Google Glass to record surgeries, and the […]

Top Advantages of Using a Tablet in the Workplace

Digital literacy is a hot topic in 2015 in higher education, HR, health care, and in many other professional fields.  Just over a decade ago, managing content across different platforms was the job of highly specialized professionals. Today, entrepreneurs in almost any line of work can experience the advantages of increased digital literacy. One of […]

How Video Recording Improves Health Care and Medical Education

The use of the tablet in the health care environment streamlines care, improves outcomes, and reduces error while simultaneously adding value by improving educational abilities, especially for those who are being trained for the profession. Our experience with Old Dominion University’s School of Nursing and the School of Dental Hygiene, which utilize digital audio and […]