How Video Recording Improves Health Care and Medical Education

The use of the tablet in the health care environment streamlines care, improves outcomes, and reduces error while simultaneously adding value by improving educational abilities, especially for those who are being trained for the profession.

Our experience with Old Dominion University’s School of Nursing and the School of Dental Hygiene, which utilize digital audio and video technology from iRecord, is a case in point.




 Video boosts the capability of teaching and educating.  Basic recording devices can be difficult to use; they tend to have problems recording, managing, viewing, and archiving video and audio files.  These technologies were not originally designed or intended for these uses.

Recording audio and video events should be made simple by providing an easy-to-use process for gathering and compiling recorded information.  Although other forms of technology do not achieve these standards, our software produces the necessary specifications.

iRecord provides a software solution that enhances the quality and effectiveness of educational programs.  With these recording devices, multiple groups and students can be monitored simultaneously from a single PC, helping organizations achieve maximum efficiency.

Recorded content strengthens teaching abilities and allows instructors to assemble and develop an accessible archive of their best practices.  With the easy-to-use software, users can efficiently and effectively create recordings, catalog them, and retrieve them thanks to a browser-based search engine. The simplicity of the system eliminates the need for extensive administration or IT support.

Consider the possibilities your health care organization could achieve with the help of iRecord technology.  Our digital audio and video recording system and our mobile tool, the iRecord Anywhere™  tablet, work across these applications:

  • Autism Assessment Recording
  • Classroom Recording
  • Clinic Recording
  • Clinical Trial Recording
  • Communicative Disorders
  • Counseling Recording
  • Lab Recording
  • Medical Examination Recording
  • Medical Simulations
  • Paramedic Training
  • Speech Pathology

If you are a part of the medical market and you are not working with recording systems or mobile devices that have been created for your application, you may not be gaining the efficiencies your organization should be experiencing. Don’t miss out on available opportunities designed to advance your quality of training to your students and other health care professionals.

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