Video Recording in Education

Applications within the educational field for the mobile technology are too numerous to count. One-to-one initiatives have sprung up across the country in conjunction with STEM education initiatives in elementary and secondary schools. In universities and post graduate programs, administrators are adopting tablet technology to improve training and simulation experiences for students.

iRecord has been deeply invested in learning not only the market needs across industries but specifically focusing on education and how its technology can improve the educational experience in training required for professional positions.

Here are just a few higher education institutions we’ve partnered with to provide tools that add value through technology.

The Christian Theological Seminary uses iRecord to easily record and securely store student counseling recording sessions because they found it to be the best fit solution for their purposes. The CTS Counseling Center searched for a recording system that would provide them with state-of-the art technology, as well as ease of use. They decided that Word Systems’ iRecord system offered the best solution. “We chose iRecord because it fits our counseling recording purposes perfectly,” said Patrick Farmer, Senior Systems Engineer for CTS.

Old Dominion University School of Nursing and the School of Dental Hygiene both utilize digital audio and video technology from iRecord. The iRecord recording technology allows the students to record the patient checkups and procedures. The system also allows supervisors and professors use the recording for grading purposes and the students use it for self-critique and training purposes.

The Gundersen National Child Protection Training Center at Northwest Arkansas Community College is a great example of a facility where crime scene investigation and forensic interview skills are being taught with state of the art technology.

It’s not only the digital video and audio recording system which have risen to meet the needs of higher educational institutions, but mobile technology as well, such as the recently released Anywhere Tablet.

The iRecord Anywhere™ tablet creates high definition, on-demand digital video recordings to securely document situations that could have ethical, financial or legal consequences. With simple touchscreen controls, users have the ability to add searchable notes and data and easily save the recordings for playback on any PC. iRecord Anywhere™ is ideal for higher education.

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