Key Witness Interviews and the Mobile Device

Is your law enforcement agency looking for easier, more secure, and more flexible recording solutions? We’d love to share a few solutions with you that can help you achieve just that.

Getting on the field to capture key witness testimony is crucial to supplying the evidence you need to close your cases. iRecord’s solutions include the Mobile Recording Suite as well as the Anywhere Tablet, both of which offer feature-rich options for you as a law enforcement official in the field.

The Mobile Recording Suite contains:

  • Wide range of mobile and fixed cameras for easy deployment
  • True ONE TOUCH recording.
  • Covert wired or wireless briefing.
  • Remote real-time interview viewing.
  • “Electronic notes” indexing function.
  • Simultaneous recording to a DVD or external hard drive, satisfying “first evidence” requirements.
  • Tamper-proof watermarking.

Download the full Mobile Recording Suite by clicking here.

The Anywhere Tablet

You can also conduct professional interviews from anywhere using our newly released Anywhere Tablet. Features of the tablet include:

  • Software only downloaded option
  • Chain of evidence
  • Copies in WMV and WMA
  • Video grab frame technology
  • META data
  • Searchable notes
  • Option to save to USB flashdrive
  • Thumbnail video playback preview
  • SQL database
  • Simple one-touch recording
  • HD resolution supports 720p @1280X720
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Exports to all iRecord legacy systems
  • Non proprietary CODECS
  • Video date/time overlay watermarking

If your agency is looking for ways to conduct high quality on the go interviews from anywhere, to interview victims where they are, or to capture vital video or audio content for professional analysis, let’s talk. Video recording content doesn’t have to be complex.


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