Onsite Video Recording in the World of Higher Education

No matter the course of study, embracing the power of technology in the classroom can help educators maximize their programs and make learning more engaging and effective for students. Yet for higher education in particular, the decision to utilize video recording is especially beneficial.

Students preparing for Capstone projects can take their efforts to a whole new level when they have the necessary tools to allow for self-critique. It’s one thing to review your master’s thesis and edit a piece of writing. But discovering new ways to improve a doctoral dissertation and oral deference is something different altogether. To truly be in a position to improve, students need to be able to analyze themselves in context. For that, there’s nothing better than having a good audio-video recording to see yourself in action!

Benefits of On-Demand Recording

Having the power to record high-quality video of Capstone presentations and doctoral dissertations gives students and educators alike unique opportunities to create and share compelling academic and professional portfolios. Not only that, installing an on-demand recording solution can be an invaluable asset for continuing education, whether through self-reflection or peer and instructor feedback.

With an audio-video recording, students are able to objectively assess their performance by identifying areas where they excel, as well as areas that need improvement. It’s a great way to focus your efforts on specific aspects of your presentation. There might be a certain section that needs to be reorganized for better time management. Or the video might reveal a few examples where the presenter’s body language or speaking style can be finetuned. Without access to a recording for review, it can be a lot harder to make those adjustments.

Outside of self-assessment, students can also share recordings with peers or outside instructors to provide additional insights and constructive criticism, or offer suggestions for improvement that students might have missed on their own. If the recording solution itself is user-friendly and reliable, then the possibilities for higher education are really endless!

iRecord Solutions for Student Capstone Projects

Designed specifically for on-demand, onsite setups, the recording and content management solutions from iRecord can give higher education organizations everything they need to record, store, review, and share audio video files for all types of use scenarios. Along with the services from its parent company, WSI Technologies, the suite of iRecord solutions allow you to organize and annotate digital files with ease.

Students can use “META DATA” to classify their recordings by set keywords, and then utilize the note features to mark critical moments. There’s even a “redaction” function that allows you to edit out portions of the recording, which is great when handling sensitive information or details that need to remain confidential.

As your all-in-one recording solutions provider, we handle the design, microphone and camera installation, and even aspects of training on your new recording system. Everything we do is meant to make the process stress-free for the end user. That’s why our recording solutions operate with a simple, on-touch switch to start and end your recordings. If you’re ready for a streamlined audio video recording setup for your classrooms or lecture halls, we can help!

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