What Does your PD Need for Christmas?

Local law enforcement agencies are seeing the value in improving the home base when it comes to doing their job better. Throughout 2015 the stories of crime, terrorism, conflict between the police and the public have hit the headlines. What your law enforcement professionals need this season is a vision that includes improving headquarters. Have you considered a redesign of your department’s interview rooms? Or the value that the latest easy-to-use one-touch digital audio and video recording system would deliver?

Let’s talk about two specific solutions that PDs around the country are turning to as they continue to strive to protect our communities.

We’ve seen a significant rise in interest in both mobile recording devices and interview room re-designs or updates. Recording devices have been a hot item for the past few years, gaining widespread use and popularity for many reasons, but these three stand out:

  1. More Handheld Devices The public has increasingly begun to record police actions on their own as more and more average citizens have mobile devices of their own in the form of smart phones and tablets. Law enforcement have also increased their use of dashcams and tablets like the Microsoft Anywhere Tablet, an innovation released only this year. Read up on the tablet by clicking here.
  2. Decreasing False Confessions: Over the last decade, research on falsely convicted men and women has been rising to the surface. We have learned that there is a relationship between aggressive use of force and interrogation tactics and higher rates of false confessions. The momentum has grown enormously to counter this by emphasizing interview techniques as proposed by the Reid Technique of interviewing and interrogation. This technique is now the more widely use approach to question subjects in the world. This has only added to the drive to get recording devices into the hands of PDs across the country here in the US. Those law enforcement offices which utilize digital audio and video evidence are able to close cases more quickly, provide increased accountability to their communities and provide training exercises for new officers coming through the doors among many other benefits.
  3. Increasing Accountability among PDs: Law enforcement from the FBI to local law enforcement teams have stepped up to the plate to provide increased accountability how they interview and handle suspects. One step that many have taken has been to design or update their current interview rooms in order to create an atmosphere that builds trust among all who are interviewed as well as to more efficiently manage, store, access and share their recording conversations.

So what is it that your PD needs for Christmas? According to what we’ve seen, the trends are telling. Both mobile recording devices and in-house digital audio and video recording systems are in high demand. You can see the latest state-of-the-art technology and system in the iRecord systems. Click below on the option you’re interested in to learn more.

  • Anywhere Tablet
  • Evidence Vault
  • Digital Audio and Video Recording Equipment

Many other law enforcement agencies have also begun to evaluate their interview rooms for readiness for implementation of software and/or audio and video devices to support them. If you are ready to consider an interview room design, we have a gift for you. We’d love to share with you 10 Things You Need to Know about Your Interview Room Design. Click to contact us and get your copy.

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