Videoing Child Interviews Safeguards Your Case

Videoing Child Interviews Safeguards Your Case A prosecutor’s office in Macomb County, Michigan was recently challenged for not videoing child victim interviews– by the defendant. How can this be? Well, as it turns out, the defendant’s lawyers honed in on a critical point: Macomb County’s policy of conducting non-recorded interviews was out of step with […]

Protect Yourself with Video Recorded Interviews

No amount of witnesses, recounting or written testimony can capture the truth like a video recording. And in a world where “the truth” is often determined by the one with the most convincing story, it’s time to start protecting yourself with digital video. High resolution video captures both audio and video during interviews, insuring that […]

More than Meets the Eye—A Case for Careful Use of Video

The trend to reduce the number of false confessions resultant from poorly or wrongly obtained evidence and witness testimony has gained significant momentum over the last year. In fact, most recently, the Federal policy to authorize and require Federal agencies to use electronic recording equipment in conducting interrogations has catapulted the story into wide view. […]