Protect Yourself with Video Recorded Interviews

No amount of witnesses, recounting or written testimony can capture the truth like a video recording. And in a world where “the truth” is often determined by the one with the most convincing story, it’s time to start protecting yourself with digital video.

High resolution video captures both audio and video during interviews, insuring that everything is recorded for your protection. This way, if questions ever arise concerning the content or conduct of an interaction, the recording will be able to provide all the information needed, keeping you safe and avoiding unnecessary inconveniences.

Video recording is beneficial in several situations. These include:

  • HR interviews
  • Suspect interviews
  • Meetings

At iRecord, we understand that, often, the information shared during an interview or meeting is confidential or sensitive. So we provide you with ways to keep all the recorded information secure, ensuring that any sensitive content is only shared when appropriate.

Don’t walk into another interview vulnerable. Contact iRecord today and have the confidence that you’re protected.

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