Save Time in Your Department by Outsourcing Indexing…to Your Technology!

With the boom of technology and the rapid pace of change that it has brought about, it’s not surprising that careers in indexing and transcription have changed substantially. What is surprising, however, is the number of companies and businesses that continue to outsource some of these services when the technology to do so lies within […]

Digital Voice Recorders are Great, but are They the Best Tool for You?

Gone are the days when you used the audio tape to record the voice. The all-new digital voice recorders have made us all forget the conventional tape and have offered us a wide array of features. As we quickly forget the now nearly-obsolete audio tape, the new age of voice recorders boasts some great features. […]

iRecord Equips the PI with the Right Tools

For most of us, we associate specific images with private investigation. They imagine a romantic side; catching the bad guy, surviving a fight to the death, and getting the girl. Sound familiar? At least that’s how the media tells us things are. However, this is a cliché and very unrealistic. The reality of private investigator […]

Investigating the Truth behind the Job—What Investigator Really Do

Many contend that the biggest issue facing the police force is the lack of manpower to fight crime and carry out all functions of their jobs. But one area that few focus on is the equipment private investigators need to capture the message of key witnesses and all the steps from A-Z to close a […]

How to Use Criminology & Forensic Science to Effectively Solve Crimes

There are a number of ways in which an individual is able to couple criminology and the practices of forensic science in order to catch a criminal.  Those methods are either supported by their tools or confounded by them. Plain and simple. iRecord, as an Audio and Digital Recording Solution, has never failed in supporting […]