iRecord Equips the PI with the Right Tools

For most of us, we associate specific images with private investigation. They imagine a romantic side; catching the bad guy, surviving a fight to the death, and getting the girl. Sound familiar? At least that’s how the media tells us things are.

However, this is a cliché and very unrealistic. The reality of private investigator jobs is so much more! iRecord is here to give you insight into what private investigation actually looks like. We offer tools created by investigators by investigators to create the best possible solution to any problem.

Private investigation jobs often involve:

  1. Surveillance

This task takes up most of a private investigator’s time by watching a specific subject and reporting information to the client. This is often to determine the behaviors and actions of the subject.

Some people think that surveillance is only what you see in the media, parking your car in front of someone’s house and sleeping with a recorder turned on. It’s more than that and requires constant vigilance. Most cases depend on one single action and thus private investigators must be constantly on guard.

  1. Research

A common private investigation job is research, mostly about the details and specifics involved in a case. When working on a case, a private investigator needs to account for all the factors. Since iRecord uses the latest digital media, users are ensured open and easy media access for any project or investigation.

  1. Interviews

When the answer is not found through research, then private investigators turn to interviews. Whether the PI is interrogating or interviewing, they do get results. iRecord is the natural choice for interview rooms of all types due to our simple video and audio recording solution with very high quality and reliability.

Having a background in psychology is helpful for a private investigator. By reading body language and detecting common tells, they can delve deeper into the psyche of whom they are interviewing.

  1. Forensics

A good private investigator must be able not only to spot clues, but make the leaps necessary to connect those clues.

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