How Recording is Ending the He-Said-She-Said Debate

PDs sometimes have the choice of defending their officers against false accusations of coerced confessions or force and when they don’t have proof of what it was that they said, an endless game of he-said-she-said ensues. The burden of proof in these cases is really on the prosecution and if they cannot find a way […]

More Higher Level Institutions Moving to Recording Solutions for Training Students

Today more and more universities and places for higher education are turning to recording solutions for training purposes. One center located in Indianapolis, Indiana stands out as an institution for utilizing cutting edge technology for this very purpose. Christian Theological Center Case Study The Christian Theological Seminary uses iRecord to easily record and securely store […]

Key Witness Interviews and the Mobile Device

Is your law enforcement agency looking for easier, more secure, and more flexible recording solutions? We’d love to share a few solutions with you that can help you achieve just that. Getting on the field to capture key witness testimony is crucial to supplying the evidence you need to close your cases. iRecord’s solutions include […]