More Higher Level Institutions Moving to Recording Solutions for Training Students

Today more and more universities and places for higher education are turning to recording solutions for training purposes. One center located in Indianapolis, Indiana stands out as an institution for utilizing cutting edge technology for this very purpose.

Christian Theological Center Case Study

The Christian Theological Seminary uses iRecord to easily record and securely store student counseling recording sessions because they found it to be the best fit solution for their purposes.

The CTS Counseling Center searched for a recording system that would provide them with state-of-the art technology, as well as ease of use. They decided that Word Systems’ iRecord system offered the best solution. “We chose iRecord because it fits our counseling recording purposes perfectly,” said Patrick Farmer, Senior Systems Engineer for CTS.

Built in the USA since 2002, with over 3000 installations nationwide ‐ iRecord cost‐effectively helps organizations securely record, manage and share high‐quality digital video/audio recordings. While iRecord’s roots are in public safety and forensic interviews ‐ iRecord is also ideal for commercial accounts, such as: law firms, schools and universities, retailers, entertainment venues, healthcare, hospitals, and any business that needs to digitally record (on‐demand) events for educational purposes, peer review, teacher/student critiques and/or proceedings that could have legal, ethical, operational, or financial consequences. iRecord (provided by Word Systems, Inc.) is a digital video recording broadcast and content management system designed specifically for on- demand recording.

iRecord provides a simple and proficient recording system for the Counseling Center, allowing all of the students and supervisors involved in the session to review the recording for the purpose of self-critique, grading and practicum in their Capstone program which the students need to graduate.

The Counseling Center began using the iRecord system in 2013 and now has a total of 14 counseling rooms and 1 group therapy room and 1 adolescent play therapy room that are being recorded. “In dealing with the confidential and sensitive information that we do, it’s imperative that we have a recording system that works every single time,” said Farmer. “iRecord has never malfunctioned, giving everyone involved complete confidence.”

The center has placed a high resolution camera in each counseling rooms along with a high quality omnidirectional microphone that record in 100% synchronization while creating Windows Media files and DVD formats which makes it easy for the students and the counselors to review their sessions. The students also use “META DATA” to classify their recording by key words, utilize the note feature to mark the key areas of the session and also use Redaction to edit out portions of the recording.

The CTS Counseling Center plans to continue using the iRecord system for future recordings. iRecord will continue to upgrade the software, while also continuing to enhance the services. “I’m a huge advocate of iRecord and the benefits it brings to the CTS Counseling Center,” said Farmer. “It’s obvious that the people at iRecord not only care about our system working properly, but they personally care about us and provide our students what they effectively need to graduate while helping the patients they serve.”

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