Can Your PD Store and Manage Digital Evidence in These Eight Plus Ways?

If your PD is getting ready or thinking about making the move to recording interviews, one of the questions you need to prepare to think through is how you store, access, share and manage your digital evidence. Learn more! We are so certain that no other product is as effective as ours that we have […]

Congratulations to the Honor Those Who Protect Contest Winner

iRecord, the leading manufacturer of digital video recording and evidence management solutions for law enforcement professionals, wants to help keep communities safer, and we know that one way to do that is to help those involved in capturing, sharing and utilizing recorded testimony get equipped with the right tools. This motivated us to set up […]

Top Benefits of Recording Technology in Your PD’s Interview Rooms

Over the last 18 months, this nation has seen a sharp rise in the number of police departments around the country adopting state-of-the-art recording technology for their interview rooms. Month after month, reports continue to show what many departments have known along—audio and video recording helps victims and police. The Baltimore City Police Department is […]

Reversing the Wrongful Conviction Tide with Video Recording

Wrongful convictions occur all too often, but in some cases these are avoidable. As technology has improved and investigations have been able to more accurately connect crime with suspects, one of the outcomes we have experienced has been fewer wrongful convictions. However, there are still too many wrongfully convicted. Let’s talk about one step your […]

20 Ways PD’s are Leveraging Technology in 2015

How are police departments across the country leveraging technology to create innovative solutions to their mission to keep streets safer, fight crime, close cases more quickly? With technological advances enabling organizations to do more with less, law enforcement is benefitting too. From license plates readers to text-a-tip to in-car computers/tablets, the options are growing by […]

Why PD’s Nationwide are Expanding their Mission to Include Proactivity

When your kids tell you that they want to grow up and be a police officer, they are going to need a whole lot more than responsiveness and decision-making skills to do the job. In 2015, policing has expanded to include more than the traditional reactive responsibilities such as “calls for service and crime investigation.” […]

iRecord’s System: Taking Old Gozilla Playback to Picture-Perfect Quality and More

The bar is moving higher for police departments from state to state as law makers bring and pass legislation that requires interrogations to be recorded. One police department in Michigan is ready ahead of the new law with its recent purchase of iRecord’s state-of-the-art audio and video recording equipment. CM Life highlighted the story just over a […]