Top Benefits of Recording Technology in Your PD’s Interview Rooms

Over the last 18 months, this nation has seen a sharp rise in the number of police departments around the country adopting state-of-the-art recording technology for their interview rooms. Month after month, reports continue to show what many departments have known along—audio and video recording helps victims and police.

The Baltimore City Police Department is just one more of these many who have adopted digital audio and video recording technology. While they had been using audio recording previous to the adoption, the benefits of using video recording technology has helped victims, witnesses and police alike.

WBAL TV News 11 reported on those benefits recently—click here  to watch. Staff report that the BPCD has seen many benefits. Here are some of the top:

No Distractions: Contrary to what some think, video recording does not cause people to feel intimidated or to clam up. The equipment is set up to allow for natural face to face conversation between the interviewer and the interviewee. You never see a large bulky camcorder, and since every word and response is being recorded, the interviewer can focus fully on the conversation rather than having to take notes.

Less Stress: What the BCPD reported as one of the top advantages of the equipment was the fact that victims and police and even suspects were all “less stressed” than in comparable situations when the PD had only used audio recording equipment. The environment of the interview room without visible in-your-face equipment actually creates a positive dynamic in which interviews take place with less stress.

Permanent Record: Everyone from investigators to suspects to arresting officers to the jurors can breathe a sigh of relief. With both words and responses being captured by recording technology, everyone can be on the same page as far as what was said and how interviewees responded. This record can be shared with everyone on the team who needs to see the evidence.

Training Aid: Another benefit that emerges from video and audio recording equipment is the training capabilities that the recorded interviews provide. The BCPD staff highlight how useful having the videos is both on the case and after. Investigators, police and other law enforcement professionals can gain important knowledge on techniques and methods that work and others that don’t by reviewing these recordings.

Legitimacy of the Process: Perhaps one of the most important benefits that recording technology provides is the fact that it gives credibility to the process that takes place during custodial interviews. Jurors can see what has happened behind “closed doors,” and suspects can be confident that their testimony will be heard. With less room for interpretation and hearsay, digital video and audio recording equipment allows all involved to be more accountable by giving increased visibility to the process itself.

What About Your PD?

Are you one of the many police departments around the country evaluating your resources? Are you ready to design your interview rooms with digital video and audio recording equipment?

Adopting recording technology isn’t as complicated as you think. Operating it with iRecord is simple—as simple as the touch of a button. Learn more about our one touch technology and how easy it is to get the right equipment in your interview rooms now. Click here to find out how.


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