iRecord’s System: Taking Old Gozilla Playback to Picture-Perfect Quality and More

The bar is moving higher for police departments from state to state as law makers bring and pass legislation that requires interrogations to be recorded. One police department in Michigan is ready ahead of the new law with its recent purchase of iRecord’s state-of-the-art audio and video recording equipment.

CM Life highlighted the story just over a week ago about the central Michigan police department, which now has upgraded their interrogation rooms with iRecord’s system. One of the biggest benefits that the department will benefit from right away—higher quality footage during interviews

According to the article, MPPD Detective David Sabuda said the new system is set up to record in two interview rooms and the conference room, and is activated by a toggle switch next to each door.

“The old system would sometimes look like an old Godzilla movie,” Sabuda said. “It’s a lot simpler now that it’s all computerized, even when we’re doing things like recording. Before, if you wanted to look up a taped interview, you would have to get into the system and try to find it by rewinding. Now, after you use it (for an interview), you just have to type in a complaint number or a name.”

What did Sabuda mean by “old Godzilla movie?” Simply that when interviews would be played back prior to their upgrade to iRecord, the subject’s mouth and words would be out of sync.

But that isn’t the only benefit. Sabuda added that his job has become much easier because the iRecord system streamlines the interview process through its organization and set up—plus it’s much easier to navigate.

CM Life noted the problems Sabuda faced with the old equipment, even though it worked:

“Even though the old computer system still worked, it was old and hard to use,” Sabuda said. “Before each interrogation, an officer would sign in to the interrogation room on a sheet of paper. Afterwards, the officer compared the time he signed in to the time the interview took place.”

This happy customer is serviced by one of iRecord’s premiere partners VanBelkum Voice and Data Technologies

Some of the other improvement’s iRecord’s system is bringing the department include:

    • Google-Like Search Ease: Looking up information is as easy as searching by day, room or case number.
    • Sharing: iRecord’s system allows any recording to be burned onto a CD and this makes sharing and transporting recordings very easy.
    • Courtroom Playback: Displaying evidence in the courtroom is simple—just slip in the CD and play!

How is your police department doing in both compliance to the law and ease of use with your video and audio recording systems? Don’t let your old equipment and difficult-to-navigate system slow down your work and get in the way of streamlined cases in court.

Contact iRecord today to speak with a product representative and receive an assessment on your current equipment and what we can do to ease your work!

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