iRecord Spotted on Discovery’s Killing Fields

iRecord was once again spotted on the screen—the true-crime Discover series, Killing Fields. Our technology has also been highlighted in The Place Beyond the Pines with Ryan Gosling and season 15 of The First 48. Police recording equipment has evolved through the years from something that would require a few trained people who understood the […]

Child Witnesses: The Right Approach

Child Witnesses: The Right Approach When a child is not the victim, but a witness, access can be complicated. Conflicting priorities place people who would normally be on the same side at odds with each other. How can law enforcement agencies navigate this complex situation to get the information they need while also protecting the […]

Videoing Child Interviews Safeguards Your Case

Videoing Child Interviews Safeguards Your Case A prosecutor’s office in Macomb County, Michigan was recently challenged for not videoing child victim interviews– by the defendant. How can this be? Well, as it turns out, the defendant’s lawyers honed in on a critical point: Macomb County’s policy of conducting non-recorded interviews was out of step with […]

Mobile Recording: Evidence of Every Interview

Mobile Recording: Evidence of Every Interview Interview rooms are routinely equipped with cameras, but there are unique interview situations that provide specific challenges. For example, interviewing a child is not like interviewing an adult. A child interview room is often provided with toys, art supplies, and multiple seating venues, which can present a real challenge […]

Interview Footage: Who Gets to See It?

Who gets to see the body cam footage your department collects? It’s important to have a consistent policy in place before it’s needed. Here are some key issues you’ll want to consider. If you’re going to have a policy for how and when you’re sharing data, you first need to address proper procedure for actual […]

Body Cam Footage: An Underused Resource

Body cams have all kinds of practical applications in everyday police work. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can get the most out of your body cam footage. Some of these may really surprise you! Eyewitness Interviews: Most of us think of body cams as a tool to document critical incidents as they […]

iRecord in Action on The First 48

Maybe you’ve watched The First 48. It’s a long-running A&E crime documentary that focuses on the first 48 hours after a homicide. The highly-rated program aired an episode this season that demonstrated iRecord technology in action. (See the whole episode here: The episode, called “Blood On Bourbon”, focuses on a New Orleans mass shooting […]

Yes, iRecord Systems are Available for Federal Procurement!

iRecord is available for purchase on the GSA Schedule as well as the US Communities Purchasing Alliance, and we have a great reputation with a long list of Federal agencies. We explain how to purchase an iRecord from the either organization. If you didn’t realize that iRecord is available for purchase through Federal procurement, well, […]

Why is a Digital Recording System Superior?

While many PDs, courts, and child advocacy centers (CACs) have migrated away from VHS, there are still many who utilize them or who are not using the most up-to-date equipment to capture, store, and share testimony from witnesses and suspects. What are the advantages of the digital recording system? We share not the primary advantage […]

To Release or Not to Release Video Footage to the Public

Right now in the state of Indiana, footage that is captured by a law enforcement officer from a dash cam or a body cam is not required to be released to the public. That looks likely to change, however, now that House Bill 1019 has passed. The Indy Star is keeping followers updated on the […]