Why is a Digital Recording System Superior?

While many PDs, courts, and child advocacy centers (CACs) have migrated away from VHS, there are still many who utilize them or who are not using the most up-to-date equipment to capture, store, and share testimony from witnesses and suspects. What are the advantages of the digital recording system? We share not the primary advantage but also a few benefits your agency may not know yet!

We know that agencies utilizing recording devices have a common goal—to obtain evidence that can exonerate the innocent, aid in closing cases quickly, and bring justice to those harmed. In the last decade, an increasing number of states are moving to make tools and funds available to federal agencies so that they can do this more effectively with digital audio and video recording devices.

But what agencies may not realize is that they not only need to be able to capture footage and audio, but an suite of tools that enables them to store, retrieve, and share those same files.

Unlike a DVR or VHS recorder, iRecord offers multiple tools to encourage activities above and beyond simply recording.

For example, time-stamped annotations in iRecord can be created and directly associated recorded audio/video. iRecord “indexes” can also be rapidly searched in our powerful Evidence Vault to locate specific words, case numbers or phrases and the corresponding audio/video segment instantly played. iRecord’s superior integration of index notes, combined with simple operation, makes iRecord an ideal choice for interview situations that demand more than just high quality audio/video recording.

What’s more, agencies as well as many courts now look much more favorably on equipment which uses the latest digital media assets such as Windows Media (WMV) and MPEG technologies because with this equipment, users are ensured of a completely compatible and open media future that includes no proprietary codes that can totally disappear in a year or two (requiring costly updates).

What exactly does the iRecord advantage deliver? You can find out by clicking here!

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