Psychological Techniques for Interrogations Discussed by ‘Making A Murderer’ Attorney

Excerpt from ‘Making a Murderer’ attorney talks law enforcement’s psychological techniques for interrogations by Alex Hulvalchick: [email protected] February 22, 2017 On Wednesday, the Ohio State chapter of the Ohio Innocence Project hosted Steven Drizin, the post-conviction attorney for Brendan Dassey, one of the subjects of the Netflix series “Making A Murderer.” Drizin spoke about types of psychological techniques […]

Agencies Endorse Recording Interviews Once They’ve Tried It

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s been my experience that a video is worth ten thousand.” – Clackamas County, Oregon Sheriff’s Office When it comes to interviews, police and suspects can both have their words and conduct analyzed in a court room. While everyone would like to portray themselves in the best […]

Protect Yourself with Video Recorded Interviews

No amount of witnesses, recounting or written testimony can capture the truth like a video recording. And in a world where “the truth” is often determined by the one with the most convincing story, it’s time to start protecting yourself with digital video. High resolution video captures both audio and video during interviews, insuring that […]

How iRecord Helps You Send Fewer Cases to Legal Counsel

How many times has your department been burdened with a case that just won’t close? A case that might have been able to close if you’d been more efficient, if you’d recorded your entire interview or interrogation of suspects involved in a case? Recording interviews is one of the best ways to ensure accuracy, achieve […]

Why Juries Like Recorded Interviews

For at least the past 20 years as courtrooms have seen a rise in electronic recordings being used, juries have expressed their overall preference for and value of electronically recorded confessions and interrogations. And over the past 10 years as state-by-state, legislation has begun to put in writing laws that require its use, the benefits […]

When do you Need Dictation Equipment?

Does dictation take you back to your elementary school days when your teacher used to read aloud a passage you and you had to capture it? Or maybe the image that comes to mind is that of the psychiatrist speaking into his digital recorder for transcription later. Regardless of the image that comes to mind, […]