How iRecord Helps You Send Fewer Cases to Legal Counsel

How many times has your department been burdened with a case that just won’t close? A case that might have been able to close if you’d been more efficient, if you’d recorded your entire interview or interrogation of suspects involved in a case?

Recording interviews is one of the best ways to ensure accuracy, achieve accountability and provide transparency. One of the other important values that recording interviews provides you is efficiency.

Consider how recording an interrogation adds efficiency and translates into closing cases more quickly in just one area of the investigation—transcription.

  1. A recorded interview is faster and easier to transcribe
  2. You eliminate the time trying to figure out what you think you heard from handwritten or typed notes and you transcribe from a record that can be retrieved and verified.
  3. You eliminate the need to have a subject sign off on a transcription
  4. You easily obtain an official word-for-word transcription
  5. You can deliver results more quickly
  6. You can have anyone skilled in transcription transcribe the recording eliminating the need for an investigator to spend valuable time reviewing or recreating the conversation

If you’re able to capture witness testimony and subject interrogations more efficiently, you may also be able to avoid sending cases to legal for additional steps and sign-off.

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